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VASA, the Vasa 14, later indicated as the Vasa 24, is the first engine fully developed and manufactured by Wärtsilä in Vaasa, Finland.

With a fully cast bed plate and cylinder block, a very rigid and easy to maintain engine type had been introduced in 1960.

Production of the Vasa 24 ceased in 1990 when the engine was superseded by the Vasa 22 and later the Wärtsilä 20.

As of April 2017, Quantiparts takes care of the OEM support (spare parts and technical support) for the VASA 14 and Vasa 24, with a dedicated product strategy and designated technical specialists

Engine Training For QuantiParts possibilities to supply a tailor made engine training, please send your request to sales@quantiparts.com to the attention of the responsible technical expert:

VASA engines

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