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Price reduction for the majority of F240 engine parts

When an engine has been in operation for more than a decade (like the F240 engines) and you need to invest in major overhauls, your operational cost will increase. As the F240 engine type is no longer built by the manufacturer, prices of parts often remain high or even go up, due to declining production quantities. Investments in required major overhauls are often delayed and damages can occur. For you, as operator, it is an almost impossible task to keep the installation in an acceptable running condition in a market where the margins are already under pressure.

QuantiParts as the Original Engine Manufacturer of this engine has decided to reduce the prices of most of the parts for this engine type. We are passionate to “keep the F240 running” and we will only do this if we bring down your operational costs. We have therefor done a substantial price reduction…. so ask us for a quote!

We have the original production stocks in our warehouse which we can offer at competitive prices. QuantiParts is a dedicated, lean and efficient organisation with in house specialism, including the best technical knowledge and an incomparable availability of parts.

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