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Cylinder Heads
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Engine TypeDescriptionRecon Number
AL20Cylinder head pressure tested. RECON43.107.032.972.801
A25Cylinder head pressure tested. RECON43.107.101.682.200
AS25Cylinder head pressure tested. RECON43.
F240FG/FF Cylinder Head43PAAF533148
FE/FD Cylinder Head43PAAF533148
SW280Pressure tested head432801511sw902a
Service cylinderhead432801501sw992a
D528Cylinder Head43DZ04066101
D628Cylinder Head - Pressure Tested (New for recon)DZ04092485
D440Cylinder Head43DZ12170189
D645Cylinder Head (New for recon)DZ15079444
D816Air start43DZ04052476
D816Electric start43DZ04052475
TM410Cylinder head TM410 B436101175  156
Cylinder head TM410 C436101175  159
BVM540/640Cylinder head43DZ02093251
Fuel Pumps
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Engine TypeDescriptionRecon Number
AS25/A25Fuel injection pump. RECON43.107.101.860.810
AL20Fuel injection pump. RECON107.102.190.810
AT25Fuel injection pump MDO/HFO. RECON43.107.102.670.852
S20 Fuel injection pump 163 bar. RECON43.107.231.854.857
Fuel injection pump 170/175 bar. RECON43.107.231.854.858
SW280reconditoned fuel injection pump round flange432802106sw913a
rconditoned fuel injection pump square flange.432802106sw904a
F240reconditoned fuel injection pump 18 mm43402106 f924a
D628Recon Fuel pump 3 plungers 43DZ02125803
D628Recon fuel pump 4 plungers43DZ02125804
TM410Fuel pump43612995 219
BVM540/640Fuel Pump D64043DZ02124473
Fuel Pump D54043DZ02126040
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Engine TypeDescriptionRecon Number
AL20Engine block 6AL2043.
Engine block 8AL2043.107.032.595.202
AL25Engine block 6AL2543.107.230.603.851
ASL25Engine block 6ASL2543.107.230.603.851
ATL25Engine block 6ATL2543.107.230.603.851
S20Engine block 6S2043.
Connecting Rods:
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Engine TypeDescriptionRecon Number
AL20Connecting rod Type 1 recon43.107.104.378.806
TM410Connecting rod (for marine heads, Line)436103285 249
Connecting rod (for marine heads, V-type)436103285 256
SW280Recontioned connecting rod43PAAE081975
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Engine TypeDescriptionRecon Number
D540Cams 6 and 12 Cyl D54043DZ02038695
Cams 8 and 16 Cyl D54043DZ04043375
D640Cams 6 and 12 Cyl D64043DZ02092861
Cams 8 and 16 Cyl D64043DZ02092862
Oil/ Water Pumps
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Engine TypeDescriptionRecon Number
BVM540/640Oil Pump (basic pump only)43DZ02000113
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Engine TypeDescriptionRecon Number
F240recondtioned fuel injector with new nozzle434101511 f907a
SW280Reconditoned fuel injector with new nozzle and wear parts43281501sw975
TM410Exhaust Valve housing L436101325 224
Exhaust Valve housing R436101325 225
BVM540/640Air cooler 12 and 16 cyl 43DZ04033290
BVM540/640Exhaust Valve housing Complete, w. Large CW Space, roto43DZ15082279