QuantiParts offers you OEM parts for classic Wärtsilä engines

The best technical know-how, 24-7 parts services and cost-efficient solutions. QuantiParts is here for you and your engine.

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For parts: Call us 24/7 +31 88 980 2500 

or mail: sales@quantiparts.com


There are 3 Wichmann engines types:  AC, AX and 28.

Quantiparts supplies the OEM parts for this engine family. You are guaranteed to get the best quality parts with the latest technical modifications. Above the overview of the engine types we can offer parts for.

These high quality medium bore 2-stroke trunk piston engines have been designed and manufactured since 1905 in Rubbestadneset - Norway.

The Wichmann engine brand is a perfect match with QuantiParts, as genuine parts supplier, specialized in supporting classic Wartsila engines.

Please send your request to sales@quantiparts.com to the attention of the responsible technical expert.

Wichmann support in QuantiParts:

Product Support Manager (PSM)
Technical Engine & Component Expert (TEC)
Leiv Hollund​
Sybren de Jong​