QuantiParts offers you OEM parts for classic Wärtsilä engines

The best technical know-how, 24-7 parts services and cost-efficient solutions. QuantiParts is here for you and your engine.

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312-1217 kW at 1500-2235-1


  • Modern water-cooled 8-, 12- and 16-cylinder 60º V-engines.
  • Water-cooled exhaust manifolds, water-cooled turbochargers and charge air cooling.
  • Cylinder heads with four-valve technology and high-pressure fuel injection.
  • Mechanical or electronic speed governing.


  • Electronic engine monitoring enhances safety and reliability of this compact engine.
  • Operating cost reduction due to low fuel and oil consumption.
  • Long maintenance intervals.
  • The excellent power-to-weight ratio, particular for fast vessels, ensures optimum application possibilities.
  • Active contribution towards environmental protection due to compliance with the IMO regulations.

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