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GMT engine types transfer to QuantiParts

We are proud to announce that QuantiParts BV will become product responsible for the GMT (Grandi Motori Trieste) engine types: GMT210, GMT230, GMT320 and GMT420. Ownership will be transferred from Wärtsilä 4-Stroke Engine Services to QuantiParts per 1-1-2018.

The spare parts stock for the GMT engine types, will move from WGLS’ Central Distribution Center in Kampen to the QuantiParts warehouse in Zwolle during January 2018.
QuantiParts is a dedicated company specifically established for the support of older engine types. The product portfolio of QuantiParts, consisting of selected classic Wärtsilä engines whose production
may have been discontinued, benefits from a lean operating model suited for the market segments in which these engines are still operating.

QuantiParts employs about 75 people in Zwolle and in France. All employees are former Wärtsilä employees who bring the Wärtsilä
legacy and expertise with them. QuantiParts serves its customers worldwide.