QuantiParts offers you OEM parts for classic Wärtsilä engines

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Engine speeds 1200 - 1500 min-1
Engine outputs 440 – 1545 kW


  • High speed engines V8, V12, V16 cylinders at 60°
  • Bore 175 mm
  • Railway, Marine and stationary application
  • With 2 turbochargers and intercoolers
  • Four stroke, direct injection
  • Counter clockwise (standard)
  • With injection limiting device (to limit smoke during starting up)


  • Easy maintenance (Overhaul at 32,000 h instead of 24,000 h)
  • Long components life
  • Low emissions engine with reduction of NOx/CO/HC and particles (according to the UIC II datas).
  • New liners with anti-polishing ring (reducing hydrocarbons)
  • Piston open chamber and only three rings (reducing oil consumption)
  • High pressure injection
  • Injection pipes with diameter reduced
  • Double layer nozzle
  • Reduction of the maximum pressure in the cylinder
  • These performances have been tested and certified

Responsible technical expert:

UD 30 engine type:                        Pierre Gasser

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