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Sri Lanka Navy technical seminar 2016

There has always been a strong commitment between Wärtsilä and the Navies due to the stringent regulations set by these customers, among which also the Sri Lanka navy. Navies in general have a very long operating profile for their engines and encounter the challenges of keeping engines operating much longer than most commercial parties in the market.

Quantiparts has been established specifically to serve engines in the later phase of their life with the main goal to keep them running. Among the engines in QuantiParts service portfolio are a lot of engine types still in operation by Navies.     

QuantiParts has for the first time participated, as OEM supplier, in the yearly Navy seminar in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Many junior and senior Navy officers, even the Rear Admiral and DGE, attended the Seminar. The navy is operating several TBD620 and TBD616 Deutz engine types in their vessels. To ensure reliable operation for the coming years, it is to mutual benefit to share technical knowledge during these yearly events. During the Seminar technical issues are addressed and possible improvements on the engines are highlighted. Representing QuantiParts was the MEA Area manager and a Sr. Sales Support Specialist who is our Deutz high speed technical expert. 

As always this Navy Seminar was well organised and hosted by Wärtsilä Lanka.