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Sulzer S20 connecting rods, 3 reasons to buy QuantiParts quality.

  1. They last an engine’s life time.

An engine’s life time is considered to be the period between commissioning of the engine and the moment the engine is being scrapped or repaired after a major damage. The life time of the engine is directly depended on its reliability. In the recent past, operational costs have been unnecessarily high due the premature replacement of connecting rods and/or repair to the crankshaft. Investigation has shown that deformation of the big end bore Sulzer S20 and S20U connecting rods increased wear to crankpins. Based on an extensive investigation QuantiParts has redesigned the connecting rod for the S20 and S20U engines. With the redesigned connecting rod, the deformation of the big end bore has been addressed in such way that it will last 100.000 running hours (under normal operating conditions), and premature replacement is not necessary any more.

  1. The connecting rod is redesigned with the latest technologies.

FEM (Finite Element Method) has been the bases for the redesigned connecting rod. FEM has been used to determine the key contributors to the big end bore deformation of the Sulzer S20 and S20U connecting rods. Based on FEM results and on-site measurements on the connecting rod a new way of forging has been developed for the connecting rod. With the new way of forging the latest techniques in connecting rod machining could be selected and applied, resulting in a connecting rod of a ‘classic’ engine manufactured by means of 21st century technology. With the release of the redesigned connecting rod, our quality department keeps track on the performance of the connecting rod by means of frequent on site visits. By doing this, we can guarantee a product that complies not only with the latest technology but also the highest quality standards.

  1. The connecting rod is fully manufactured in Europe

Renowned suppliers are the only source of materials for QuantiParts. For this connecting rod, we have selected renowned suppliers from Germany for the forging process and the finest from Italy to fulfill the machining process. This leads to a superior product that does not know its equal in this market of S20 connecting rods. When it comes to European quality, you can count on QuantiParts as a reliable supplier that uses only European manufacturers and the corresponding quality. Please feel free to contact your local representative from Wartsila or appointed distributor for a quote for this connecting rod. Get convinced that the European quality of this connecting rod fits your needs, ensures your day-to-day operation, and minimizes your downtime. The connecting rods are ready from stock at competitive pricing from our central warehouse in Zwolle in the Netherlands.