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810-1565 kW at 720-1000-1


  • Compact engine construction.
  • Water-cooled 6, 8 and 9 cylinder in-line engines.
  • Four stroke, direct fuel injection.
  • Turbocharger and charge air cooler.
  • Cylinder heads with 4 valve technology.
  • Light fuel oils (LFO) or marine diesel oils (MDO) with specifications meeting CIMAC: 1990, DB; ISO 8217, F-DMB and BSMA 100: 1989 class M2 can be used.


  • High reliability of the engine.
  • Low operational costs due to easy maintenance and long maintenance intervals.
  • Low fuel and lubricating oil consumption.
  • Full power can be taken from flywheel end or free end of the engine.

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Recon parts for the SWD F240

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FG/FF Cylinder Head

Recon Number


recondtioned fuel injector with new nozzle

Recon Number
434101511 f907a


FE/FD Cylinder Head

Recon Number


reconditoned fuel injection pump 18 mm

Recon Number
43402106 f924a