QuantiParts offers you OEM parts for classic Wärtsilä engines

- We can supply all required maintenance parts for your engines
- We operate within the global Wärtsilä network and distributors
- We work cost efficient and are available 24/7

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SW280 parts and knowledge

The first SW280 was built in 1981 in the Netherlands in the Zwolle factory and can be found as main engine and auxiliary power supplier in marine and land based installations all over the world. There are still large numbers running of this legendary and reliable engine and we, as the builder
of this engine type, are still providing the original parts needed to keep them in immaculate running condition.

As the designer and manufacturer of the Stork
Werkspoor engine types, we keep our stock of
genuine engine parts at our Zwolle location.
All major components like crankshafts, engine
blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods etc,
can be delivered from the shelf, according to
the original “as built” information.
QuantiParts has implemented a new pricing strategy,
find out what this means for you by sending your
enquiry to sales@quantiparts.com !

Competitively priced components and parts in
combination with our technical expertise are
essential ingredients to service your SW280 engine.


For technical assistance we are your partner, as QuantiParts consists of the former factory employees and engineers. Your engine has been through our hands and from our drawing board.

Call +31 088-980 2565 for on line technical support for the SW280 engine type


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