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- We can supply all required maintenance parts for your engines
- We operate within the global Wärtsilä network and distributors
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Price improvement for the Deutz 628 maintenance parts

QuantiParts™ is proud to keep your engine running and we do that by supplying high quality genuine engine parts at competitive prices. Further price reductions for other engine types will follow during the coming months. For additional information or a Request for Quotation please check the contact page on our website: www.quantiparts.com where you can…


F240 maintenance parts more competitively priced

QuantiParts™ has now also reviewed the prices of maintenance (overhaul) parts for the F240 Stork Werkspoor engine type. There have been some substantial price reductions made for this engine type and these parts. Main drivers behind this price reductions has been: Optimization of the stock volumes for maintenance parts Increased focus on complete supply chain efficiency More lean…

Deutz 816 OEM maintenance parts for lower prices? Yes! with QuantiParts ………

QuantiParts™ has reviewed the prices of maintenance (overhaul) parts for the D816 Deutz engine type range. This has resulted in considerable price reductions for this engine type Main reason for this reduction has been our recent actions in: Optimisation of the stock volumes for maintenance parts Increased focus on complete supply chain efficiency Quantiparts will…


Wärtsilä establishes subsidiary to trade parts for classic engines

Wärtsilä has established a subsidiary to trade spare parts for mature 4-stroke engines. QuantiParts, fully owned by Wärtsilä, operates from the Netherlands and serves customers in the marine, locomotive and power plant industries worldwide. QuantiParts(TM) trades OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) spare parts for selected mature Wärtsilä medium- and high-speed 4-stroke engines, such as Deutz, Stork,…


Building a warehouse for 5 million parts

Wartsila premises, Hanzelaan 95 in Zwolle is getting ready to stock over 5 million parts for the Bolnes, Stork Werkspoor, Deutz MWM and 4 stroke Sulzer A/S engine types. At this moment parts are located in the Wärtsilä Central Distribution Center in Kampen, but with the establishment of a dedicated company(Quantiparts), for older engine types,…


Wartsila decides to establish dedicated company

Total service provider in the Power and Marine market, Wärtsilä has decided to establish a company focusing on parts supply for the engine brands: Bolnes, Deutz, Stork Werkspoor and 4stroke A/ S Sulzer. This dedicated company will focus on serving all customers with these good old engines and this will be even better than before.…